18 Dec

Craftsmen’s Fair

The Craftsmen’s Fair is usually held in mid May. The fair is occasioned by the anniversary of the Dimitre Gusti Village Museum, the host of the event. Hundreds of craftsmen from all corners of Romania flock to the Village Museum and demonstrate in front of the visiting public the knowledge they have amassed in respect to the ancestral traditions of pottery, weaving, wood sculpture and plenty other folk arts.

The demonstrations and exhibitions proper are complemented by wine and food sampling opportunities, such as to give visitors the occasion to make a complete idea about the regional traditions of the country.

The Craftsmen’s fair is more than just an ordinary exhibition. It is a successful attempt to encourage rural craftsmen and to promote their handmade goods in the city markets and among tourists. The items displayed are of exquisite taste. From wood carvings to rugs to pottery and textile weaving, all goods are 100% handmade and represent Romanian culture.

Apart from stalls and displays, workshops are also incorporated in the event schedule in which local craftsmen share their knowledge and expertise.

Location:  Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, 28-30, Şoseaua Kiseleff, Bucharest, Romania

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