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Itinerary for one day tour

  • Discover Bucharest, once named the “Little Paris of the East” enjoy this old European City’s charm through the beautiful architecture, wide boulevards and parks. The city gathers numerous attractive and truly valuable monuments, not to speak about its inhabitants’ warmth and hospitality.
  • The main boulevards cross over the city from north to south, from the Arch of Triumph to The Civic Center and are intersected with those lying from east to west.
  • On Calea Victoriei, you will find imposing public buildings, such as The National History Museum and, in the south part of this boulevard there is the magnificent Cismigiu Park.
  • Bucharest is surrounded by forests and lakes, of old palaces and monasteries which combine themselves in a picturesque landscape. But these are only a few things that the magnificent city of Bucharest has to offer. There are so many other beautiful things just waiting to be discovered.
  • Our Bucharest tours: The Village Museum, one of the biggest and the oldest outdoors museum in Europe, located on the Herãstrãu Lake shore in Bucharest. We will see houses, churches, water and wind mills, cloth mills, of great historic and artistic value – acquaint the visitors with the specific of the Romanian village. The objects inside the households – carpets, pottery, rugs, icons, furniture – point to the originality of the folk creation, the Press Square (a copy of the Moscow University can be seen), Arch of Triumph (inspired by the one in Paris), the Royal Palace (now the Art Museum), the Athenaeum (famous concert hall), the Revolution Square (where the 1989 anti – Communist revolt went nationwide), the University, the National Theatre, the Patriarchy, Visit the Palace of Parliament, the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon.
Included in the price
  • Transport by modern car
  • Professional guide assistance during the whole trip.
Not included in the price
  • Rate is valid for groups of minimum 2 persons.
  • For over 10 persons important discount will be applied.
  • Entrance tickets for touristic attractions
  • Tour rate: 25 €/person