December 18, 2015

Craftsmen’s Fair

The Craftsmen's Fair is usually held in mid May. The fair is occasioned by the anniversary of the Dimitre Gusti Village Museum, the host of the event. Hundreds of craftsmen from all corners of Romania flock to the Village Museum and demonstrate in front of the visiting public the knowledge they have amassed in respect to the ancestral traditions of pottery, weaving, wood sculpture and plenty other folk arts.

Interesting things about Bucharest and Romania

Situated in the part of the world which will perhaps always be known as Eastern Europe, it would be more accurate to describe Bucharest's geographical location as south-eastern Europe. Bucharest was founded in the 14th century and it is located in the part of Romania known as Wallachia, one of the three historic principalities (next to Moldavia and Transylvania) which are now the modern country.